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Gospel Evangelistic Center Project

    Jesus Christ said to His disciples “Go therefore and make disciples of name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…” (Matthew 28:19) Because of this statement, God’s servants in nowadays realize the importance of declaring the gospel to all people in every nation and language in order to be ready for the coming day of Christ. Apart from this, proclaiming the gospel of Christ has been the essential objective of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. In fact, this truth has become our great responsibility to all people.

    Therefore, it is very important to encourage young people and other church members to be well trained for this ministry and should also be supported.

    Consequently, the idea of Evangelistic Center has come up with a strong desire and intension to provide the knowledge of our great truth to our church members and other people who are interested to the level that they can witness to their communities.



1.      Provide the knowledge of the Seventh-day Adventist principles.

2.      Train the basic skills of preaching and witnessing.

3.      Train to be disciplined and to be prompt to serve God and community.

4.      Provide more of Biblical knowledge and learn ways to seek the wisdom from the Bible.

5.      Introduce the Ellen G. White’s resources and study the lessons from those materials.

6.      Learn to witness gospel to the local people and adapt into their culture.


Organized by:

            Mr. Sutichet Chanpisut



            The Thai-Cambodia boarder at Arunyaprated – Poypet district


Period of curriculum and meeting time

-         6 months period in one complete course of study

-         The class time is on every Saturday and Sunday


Expectant group

1.      Cambodian church members and those who are interested.

2.      Members from other Christian denominations who are interested to know the truth of the Sabbath.

3.      The children of our church members who are interested to be trained for this ministry.


Budget per month


The renting fee for the meeting place

3,000 ฿


6,000 ฿

Expenses for two lecturers:

            Bus fee from Bangkok – Poypet

            Visa entrance fee

            Miscellaneous (expenses in Cambodia)






8,000 ฿

Grand total

17,000 ฿


Benefits of the Project

1.      Many more Cambodian people who live in the boarder will be informed about the truth of God.

2.      The Cambodian Church members will receive better knowledge and the truth from the Bible.

3.      The participants will receive good skills of witnessing the gospel among the people in their community.


God’s blessing for us


Since the month of April 2002, Evangelistic Center has been providing opportunities to Cambodian people at the boarder of Thailand. Recently there are 48 Cambodian people baptized after spending some times studying the Bible at the Center. There are still a lot more who wanted to have this chance but are offended by some financial problems.


Further contact:

            Mr. Sutichet Chanpisut /


1.ศูนย์ประกาศฯ เขตชายแดนฝั่งไทยในอรัญประเทศ

Gospel Evangelistic Center at Arunyaprated (Thai boarder side).


2.ห้องเรียนพระคัมภีร์ที่ศูนย์ประกาศฯ อรัญประเทศ

The classroom of the Gospel Evangelistic Center (Thailand)



They are doing the bible test.


4.กำลังนมัสการในวันสะบาโต ในเทอมการศึกษาแรก

Worshiping on Sabbath during the first semester.



The students in the first semester



The students are studying the Bible on Sabbath afternoon


7.ศูนย์ประกาศฯ เขตชายแดนฝั่งกัมพูชา อ.ปอยเปศ

Gospel Evangelistic Center at the boarder of Cambodia (Poypet district)      



The students are learning Thai at the Center


9.อ. รังศิต กำลังประกอบพิธีบัพติสมาให้แก่พี่น้องชาวกัมพูชา

Pastor Rungsit is baptizing our Cambodian brothers and sisters


10.  พี่น้องสมาชิกที่รับบัพติสมาทั้งหมด

All of the members who baptized


11.  สาขาโรงเรียนสะบาโตบ้านเด็กกำพร้า ที่อ. ปอยเปศ กัมพูชา

Branch Sabbath School at the orphanage at Poypet Cambodia            


Contact: Mr. Sutichet Chanpisut /